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New release: Version 0.1.0

Spiritix HQ

Embarking on a project is akin to embarking on a captivating journey. While your ultimate destination may be crystal clear, the path that leads you there is often shrouded in a dense fog of uncertainty, posing challenges to navigation and progress.

To illuminate this foggy terrain, we are thrilled to introduce Project Milestones—a fresh approach to dividing and organizing work within projects.

Milestones serve as pivotal moments in a project's lifecycle that demand synchronization among team members. By delineating these critical junctures, milestones break down the project into more manageable phases, offering a finer level of granularity.

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Establishing project milestones is a breeze: simply provide a name and, optionally, a target date. Subsequently, you can effortlessly assign issues to the milestones (for swift issue migration, use the ⇧+M shortcut).

Within the project side-panel, you'll find a comprehensive overview of your milestones, accompanied by progress data for each. Delve into a milestone, and you'll instantly gain access to all associated issues, ensuring complete visibility and transparency.

What's more, milestones are prominently displayed on roadmaps, providing a visual representation of the project's current stage and the progress made. This holistic view enables a deeper comprehension of ongoing work across multiple streams.

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At its core, the conception of Milestones addresses a fundamental query encountered by every project team: "Where are we?"

Milestones act as a source of reassurance, reaffirming that you're still on the right course. Simultaneously, they offer a glimpse into the distance covered, serving as reflective checkpoints where you can celebrate achievements before embarking on the subsequent leg of your journey.

Enhanced Triage Notifications

We are delighted to introduce a new feature: notifications for when an issue enters your team's triage queue. These invaluable notifications ensure you stay up-to-date and can swiftly respond to issues awaiting triage. Subscribing to these notifications is effortless—simply access the team's header in the sidebar, the command menu, or the "Teams" section in your notification settings.

Once subscribed, you can conveniently triage issues directly from your inbox, ensuring seamless and efficient management. Furthermore, these notifications can be received through all the existing notification channels, guaranteeing that you're always in the loop.

Label Group

We're thrilled to unveil the label group functionality, empowering you to group issues based on "Label group" selections. This new feature, available in View options, enables you to organize issues using labels within the chosen group.

By design, each issue can only have one label from a group, ensuring that issues appear only once in the list—a marked improvement over grouping by individual labels.

Excitingly, this functionality extends to Insights as well, allowing you to utilize it as a Dimension or Segment, even on scatterplot charts. With label group support, gaining valuable insights and comprehending data patterns becomes an effortless endeavor.

In conclusion, these new developments, such as Project Milestones, enhanced triage notifications, and label group support, signify our commitment to improving your project management experience. We aspire to provide you with the necessary tools to conquer uncertainty, enhance collaboration, and achieve remarkable milestones along your project's journey.